What is the sce? 

Social Change doesn’t necessarily mean “social change.” Society as a whole is changing, as well as the way members of society interact and add value to the collective. The way humans work, whether it be physical or mental, is also changing. Greed fueling advancements such as AI and automation will exacerbate the rising problem of income inequality. Realizing this, the current models that reflect global socio-economic conditions need to change.

Understanding that real human connection is trust-based, the Social Change Engine (SCE) aims to harness that trust and build a new economy focused on sustainability. Giving humans around the world the ability to create and collaborate on initiatives while presenting the capacity to generate an income. That is the foundation of the SCE.

Sustainability, in essence, is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. The idea that once the “engine” has been started, the trust of the platform (both internal and external) will be the fuel creating a sustainable and unstoppable platform for change.

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